How to be a data Recovery Expert

How to be a Data Recovery Expert

Here I'am going to show you how to be a data recovery exppert, and I will teach you through simple steps what data racovery experts do.

Data you must collect:

1- You must identify how the data got lost by asking your client, there is many reasons of data loss.

2- When the client asks for your data recovery service, tell him not to write any farther data on the damaged storage media. The more data added to the damaged storage media after the data loss the more difficult the data recovery process.

3- Try to know the place of the lost data, the name of the folder, the data capacity.

4- You have to ask about the kind of the lost files ( doc, pdf, mp3 .... )

5- Don't try to recover a movies file or sound files because the data recovery process takes long time, so tell your client that your going to recover only the important lost files (Other files like movies or entertainment can be re-downloaded, so don't waste your time)

6- Do Not be so optimistic when talking to the client, just tell him that are going to do the data recovery job, because there is a lot reasons of failure.

Is it hardware or software problem:

1- Connect the damaged unit to your computer

2- If it working good and your system can read the storage unit, you probeply will perform a software process.

3- If the unit is not working or dead of power, so you will need to perform a hardware test before doing the software data recovery process.

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  1. Don't try to restore a films file or music because the file process of restoration takes quite a while, so tell your client that your going to restore only the important lost data files (Other data files like films or enjoyment can be re-downloaded, so don't waste your time)