How to prevent data loss

How to prevent data loss

Viruses and hardware failure can make a lot data loss on your computer. This will give you some simple steps to do in preventing data loss an keep your data safety.

1- Keep your data organized. Keeping the information on your computer organized in specific known folders will be a great help when it comes to backing up your information.

2- Don't leave your important files always on your desktop, put aa organized copy of your important files on another partition of your hard disk.

3- Back up your data regularly on CD or DVD, This way, you have a copy available if your system becomes infected, or the data become inaccessible.

4- Use power surge protectors. A power surge, either from the power company or a lightning storm, is one of the most common occurrences that can damage your data and potentially cause a hard drive failure.

5- Make sure you have the latest antivirus updates.

6- Be aware of using infected flash memory disks and you have to learn exactly how to use safely. USB starage devices can harm your computer data if they got an autorun virus

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