What is Data Loss

Data Loss

Data loss is the opposite of data recovery, it's the case when the has become inaccessible by the normal ways.

causes of data loss:

- Data could be lost due to unintentional file deletion, drive re-format and drive partitioning.

- Corrupted system files may also indirectly affect your data by making it inaccessible.

- System conflict as a result of application or new hardware device installation is commonly a main cause of data losses

- Malicious-ware, like viruses, can spread causing partial or complete damage to your valuable data.

- Other defects, power surge, over heat, water etc will cause mechanical or electronic damage to data media storage. As a result, normal access to such damaged media is hopeless.

- Data recovery services appear the to be the last resort to get it back. However, you must understand that data recovery attempt will never guaranteed that all lost data will be recoverable by 100%.

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