How to recover erased files

How to recover erased files

1- Prepare your data recovery software.
- Recover 4 all
- Get Data Back
- Recover my files
There is a lot of good recovery software in the recovery market and I will try explaining as mush as I can later

2- Prepare an additional media to put the recovered files on.
You must use another media device to put the recovered data on, because you can't use the damaged media as a recovery place.
I usually use another HDD to store the recovered data on.
Remove the HDD from the computer and attach it to your computer
Don't try to recover the deleted files on the same computer that the disaster happened on because:
- If the data got lost by a virus infection, you may get your HDD infected too, and the Data recovery process may fail.
- If the data got lost by a power failure you may completely loss your HDD.
- Don’t make ant setup process on the damaged HDD because you may loose more data and files through the setup process, if the lost data were on the system partition the setup process may replace the lost files with the installation files of you data recovery software.

3- Identify the case of data loss (how the files got lost)Identifying the case of data loss, will make you choose the proper method of the data recovery.
Example: if the data got lost by power failure and the unit is dead of power you may need to use a hard ware recovery method, not a software recovery.
If the data was just deleted to the recycle pin you may just use a simple program to get it back (Recover 4 all)
If a partition was completely lost you may use a stronger program like (Get Data Back) or (Recover my files)

4- Start using the recovery software.
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  1. Don't try to recover a movies information pc computer file or music because information pc computer file process of restoration needs quite a while, so tell your customer that your going to recover only the important losing information (Other information like movies or enjoyment can be re-downloaded, so don't spend your time)